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Coffret râpe ta truffe fraiche noire Les Caveurs
LES CAVEURS acheter truffes fraîches

LES CAVEURS are the men and women who plant trees and work the land with love and respect to extract the king of mushrooms, the tuber melanosporum.

It is by discovering their stories and their universe that we felt like building our own and planting our roots.

les caveurs...

LES CAVEURS is not just another commercial site dedicated to truffles.  We have chosen to focus exclusively on fresh French melanosporum truffles of the highest quality. In our products, you will never find any flavourings whatsoever.

To ensure the traceability of our truffles, we practice total transparency. All our truffles are numbered. You will know where, when and by whom your truffle was harvested.

Because each terroir produces truffles with specific organoleptic qualities, we want you to discover that one truffle is not the other. Thus, one of our objectives is to demystify the image of the truffle.  Our wish is that everyone can share real moments around the gourmet’s favourite mushroom.

Our commitment goes beyond a passion for the taste of the product and the experiences we have conceived and imagined for you. In order to promote the French truffle heritage, we have chosen to redistribute part of our profits to actively contribute to the support of truffle growing in France. 


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découvrez l’histoire de la truffe noire et les plus belles manières de la sublimer