I h a r v e s t m y t r u f f l e

It's your turn to enjoy the experience "je cave ma truffe"

Cave ta truffe

Don’t worry, you won’t need a farmer’s outfit or a dinner jacket or an evening dress for the time being.

Everything you need is on the card you received. Fill in the number of your truffle and the associated pin key, which you will have carefully brushed (scratched), to hollow out your truffle. The truffle will be sent to you at the address and date of your choice in its jar.

You can already choose your recipe or the menu of your favorite caterer to accompany your fresh truffle. All you have to do is tell the lucky people you want to share it with.

Carte cadeau cave ta truffe

This perfect gift, you received it from...

Coffret cadeau truffe fraîche les caveurs

It’s your turn to share the experience CAVE TA TRUFFE