Gift Card “Cave Ta Truffe” for 6 (80g min)

We have created the CAVE TA TRUFFE gift card to allow you to offer your friends and family the freedom to receive a fresh truffle on the date of their choice.

This card allows you to receive a Râpe ta Truffe box for 6  which includes :

  • A whole fresh French tuber melanosporum truffle of at least 80 g in its elegant LES CAVEURS jar and isothermal bag,
  • A CAVEURS mandolin in its case for grating the truffle,
  • Our Little Book 100% Truffle, full of recipes and anecdotes to complete the experience (french version),
  • Valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
NB: Postage costs do not apply to the card but to the box.
How does it work ?

1. The card is sent to the desired address, either your own or that of the person you wish to give it to. 

2. The recipient must go to the I cave my truffle page of the website. To access this page, simply go to or scan the QR code on the back of the card.

3. Once on the page, all you have to do is enter your truffle number and the Pin code, to be scratched off, to schedule the delivery. We take care of the rest.

The whole procedure (very simple) is clearly explained on the card so that the person can order their truffle and schedule the delivery on the desired date.

Procédure Cave ta truffe

So don't hesitate to order your truffle now for your dinner next month!

Why offer a fresh french black truffle ?

It is an original corporate gift

CAVE TA TRUFFE POUR 6 is the assurance of being in the head of your customers in an important moment of their life. End of year celebrations and birthdays are special moments in everyone’s life. Offer something different, something that makes a difference!

In the private sphere

We’ve been thinking particularly about men, for whom it’s so often difficult to come up with an idea for the holidays or birthdays. Between the t-shirt they’ll never wear, the bottles of perfume lined up in the bathroom and a more than stocked wine cellar. Give them something out of the ordinary!

Of course, it’s also an experience that will delight gourmets of all ages and sexes.

As the person who offers

When you order you can choose the delivery date of your present. Don’t hesitate to order now for a future event.

You can also write the message you wish to send to the lucky person.

For corporate gifts we also offer the possibility to add your logo on your message. Finally, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for any special request.


Tuber melanosporum harvesting period : November – March

Storage: 10 days at the bottom of the refrigerator in its jar

Packaging: in order to optimise its conservation conditions, our truffles are vacuum-packed in an airtight jar, on a bed of rice (not intended for consumption).

Net weight of the truffle: 30g minimum guaranteed

Delivery times: Like any fresh product, truffles deserve to be consumed in the best conditions. This is why we have sought a solution to free you from the constraints of expiry.

What you need to know about this Truffle

At LES CAVEURS, we guarantee the traceability of your truffle. This means that each truffle is numbered.

In addition to the legal mentions that you will find on the back label, we wanted to indicate

  • the date on which it was harvested (i.e. caved),
  • the name of the truffle grower
  • the place where the truffle field is located.  
etiquette truffe fraîche les caveurs
How to cook it ?

In the CAVE TA TRUFFE FOR 6 experience we offer you the perfect gift! The lucky person will have everything they need to organise a truffle meal for two guests.
For example, he or she can count on 30g for the starter and 50g for the main course.

Note that this will also work to sublimate a dish for 10 people, or to make a nice starter for 12.

Come and salivate over our recipes in the 100% truffles magazine.
The person you have in mind loves truffles but is not a great cook, no problem. She can have her favourite dishes delivered from her favourite caterer and simply grate her truffle on top!

Looking for nice recipes ?
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